Saturday, August 11, 2012

Checking back in...

Hello out there!!!  Yes, we are still alive.  Many of you know this simply because, although I have a dreadful time keeping this blog updated here recently, I do manage to post one or two several hundred pictures on Facebook.  And as many of you may have figured out from my Facebook updates, we have lots of changes going on here in the Harper household.

First off, we are MOVING back to ATLANTA baby!!!  Mark got a new job working for Nabisco (Kraft) in Norcross, GA and we decided to bite the bullet and make the move.  He is super excited about the new job opportunity and officially began work July 30th.  He is really liking his new job.  We have been wanting to move back up towards our parents since basically the day we moved to Warner Robins (not because we don't love it here....just because we both miss our families and friends), but have never been able to figure out the logistics of how to make it work.  We decided to put out a few applications here recently and see what happens.  When Mark was given an opportunity that he could not refuse we knew it was now or never.  So as of now (which will hopefully be VERY temporary) Mark is living with my dad, Chase, Stacey and JT in Atlanta while Eli and I stay down here in Warner Robins trying to sell our house.  My working plans are still being arranged but I hope to be able to move up to Atlanta and live under one roof again VERY soon.  Can you tell that I am anxious to get out of our temporary living arrangements away from Mark by my over use of the word "VERY"?  ha  Well I am....single mom with baby and trying to keep house "show" ready at all times is HARD!  I definitely miss him.

Eli has been keeping us on our toes and has really developed into a little boy instead of a little baby.  He is learning and doing something new everyday which keeps our phone calls with daddy during the week pretty entertaining.  We have really been getting our money's worth in Face time phone calls here recently.  The other day I set the phone up so that Mark and Eli could watch each other and eat dinner together.  It was so cute to watch Mark act crazy on the screen and Eli to belly laugh at the funny things daddy was doing.  Eli has mastered his use of waving and telling people "bu-bye".  That is his most clear word that he says besides "Dada".  I can get him to say "Mama" as well but it is usually only when he is in tears and wants me to come save the day.  He has said several other words but getting him to repeat them is a different story.  He, on multiple occasions, has handed me something and said "thank you" but does not do this consistently.  He has mastered kissing and blowing kisses.  When I go to pick him up from daycare, he runs to me and I pick him up and immediately he turns to all of his classmates and starts blowing them all kisses and then waves at them.  It is the cutest thing I have ever seen.  He has also really started getting into giving all his friends at school high fives.  It is hilarious to watch two one-year olds give high fives to each other and then immediately start giggling.

There is so much more to share but if I don't go to bed soon I will be a very unhappy camper when Eli wakes me up at 6:30 in the morning (apparently toddlers don't understand the concept of sleeping in on the weekends).  And just for some entertainment, here are a couple of the shots that ended up on the cutting room floor for Eli's Photo Project plus, of course, the finished product.

Was very close to using this one for the monthly picture...but ultimately had to go with that mischievous look below!