Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Warp Speed

I feel like life is going warp speed right now.  I can remember being in grade school and parts of high school thinking time could not possibly be moving any slower and now in the blink of an eye my baby goes from being this tiny beautiful creature in my arms to a crawling, teething, and moving disaster!  I still think he is a beautiful creature but he sure has me on the go these days.  Hence the fact that my blogs are no longer a journal of day to day activities but rather a brief “here’s what has been going on for the past month”….oh well, you take what you can get at this point.  My fear (which I am positive will come true) is that this will only intensify in the next few weeks, months and years.  So here goes my much overdue post on life at the Harper’s for the past month or so.

Eli is now 9 months old.  Here is a listing of his new found capabilities and habits:

-Crawling (his first attempt can be seen in this post)- he is now MUCH MUCH faster
-Pulling up on pretty much anything (not cruising furniture quite yet but I see that on the horizon)
-Two bottom teeth and 2 top teeth have started to peak through
-Currently going to bed while still awake and does not cry when put to bed (this took some training though)
-Has recently decided that he does not like naps and instead would rather be the crankiest baby from about 4pm until he goes to bed
-Giggles and laughs at all kinds of things especially when mommy is tickling him or giving him “the look” (basically I give him this look that I can’t believe he just did whatever it was that he did…usually when he toots or as we like to call it “makes a noise” and he just starts cracking up…it is quite humorous)
-Beginning to dabble in real solid food- latest solid meal consisted of roast beef, carrots, potatoes, and mushrooms
-Favorite past time….going after the kitty (poor Saydee, good thing she is faster than him)
-Blows constant raspberries when he doesn't have a pacifier in his mouth
-Waves "bye bye" when saying bye to daddy in the morning and again when saying bye to the daycare on the way home
-Gives high five when you put your hand up 

We have also been staying busy with projects around the house.  We recently painted the living room, foyer, and all the hallways.  That is pretty much the only project that we have completely finished.  In the works we also have a picture frame collage wall, homemade ottoman (constructed by my dad) waiting for me to upholster, hanging of a new painting we just bought, and making curtains for the living room.  If it wasn’t for my pure indecisiveness these projects would be much further along...wish I could just make a decision and go with it!  Anyways, there will be pictures coming once I get on it and finish this stuff up!

Here are some are a few pics from this past weekend.  Eli loves riding in this backpack (was actually used for Chase 11 years ago!)  Dad used to do this exact same thing with Chase.  Eli loved it, but it must have been exhausting! ;-)

Well that is a look at the Harper household at a glance… I will try to get things rolling and give updates as soon as I get the chance!  

Anyone else feel like life is flying by or anyone else have decision making problems??  Tell me about it in the comments!