Our Story

Mark and I started dating in October of 2003 when we were in high school and continued dating through college.
Freshman year of college (Mark had traveled up from GA Southern for the weekend)
I went to Mercer University and played division 1 softball for all 4 years.  Mark went to GA Southern for the first year and a half and then transferred to Mercer with me.

Alumni weekend the year after we graduated...Love these girls!
We both graduated in the spring of 2008 from Mercer University and were married in September of the same year.

Mark proposing New Year's 2008
September 20, 2008
We moved to Warner Robins, GA right after college and have been living here ever since.  We started our family in a small 2 bedroom apartment and soon added our first baby, Saydee the kitty.  She was so small when we brought her home I actually had to bottle feed her for the first week!

Fur Ball #1
After less than a year we outgrew our small apartment and took advantage of the first time home buyer's credit the government was offering and purchased our first home.

About 6 months after we moved in
Less than 2 months after moving in we had already added a fence to the backyard and brought home our 2nd fur baby Toby.

Fur Ball #2
I have always known I wanted to be a mother...it was really the only thing I was POSITIVE I wanted to do when I grew up.  I enjoyed being a mother of our 2 fur babies for the first 2 years of our marriage and in September of 2010 we found out we were expecting our first fur-less baby.

Mother's Day Weekend 2011- waiting for Eli
 In June of 2011 we were blessed with our little boy Elijah "Eli" James Harper.  He is pretty much the center of our world, if you couldn't tell from the many MANY posts about him! :-)  This blog attempts to chronicle life from a new mom's perspective.

Eli James Harper

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