Friday, August 23, 2013

House Update

It has been 3 months since we moved into the house and we have been busy busy with house projects and keeping up with our 2 year old.  I thought it was about time for a little update on our progress. 

I only photographed the downstairs because besides painting the hallway the same color as they foyer we haven't done much up there yet.

In the living room we opened up the left wall, painted the walls, painted above the fireplace, and painted behind the shelves to add some color to the room.  We also added bamboo blinds, got a new outdoor/indoor rug, and new furniture.  We are loving our swivel chair and Ikea couch.  The couch has a completely removable and machine washable cover and has already come in very handy on our first potty training attempt, haha!  I painted the Ikea couch legs because they only came in a natural wood and we weren't really digging the style.

We still would like to add either cabinet doors or large baskets to the two bottom shelves to hide some of the clutter.  We also want to add curtains and update the fan/light to get rid of the gold.


The kitchen has probably seen the most attention besides the yard since we moved in.  We cut down the island to make it one level surface, completely changed the electrical lighting to remove the big florescent light and add can lights and two drop down pendants above the island, painted the walls, added granite, added marble backsplash, changed the cabinet hardware, and changed out the light above the kitchen table. 

We still have need to paint the island and add trim to the top underneath the granite.  We are thinking about painting the island with chalkboard paint but haven't completely decided.  I really want to paint the cabinets because they are in rough shape and are a little more cream colored than I prefer but I am in no hurry to tackle that big project.  We also need to paint the ceiling since we had the electrical redone it needs a fresh coat of paint.

This is my favorite view of our new kitchen, it makes the hard work of doing the backsplash worth it!
Oh and I also love my sexy new refrigerator I got for a steal!

 This is the picture of our front door, we haven't done much here except paint the walls.  I have plans to paint the risers of the stairs white and paint the banister black.  I also am debating painting the front door a fun color, but not sure I will be able to convince Mark or decide on a color. 

This is the office that is connected to the living room now.  Haven't done much here either besides paint the walls.  We do have plans to build a two person built in desk on the wall where our current desk resides.

Here is an awkward view of our front foyer.  We replaced a gold and glass chandelier with the more modern funky chandelier.

And here is our empty dining room.  We painted the walls and removed wall paper in here.  After removing the wallpaper I was ready to take a break from the dining room so we haven't really returned to do much work.  We are currently in the middle of building a farmhouse dining room table and I can't wait to get that baby finished and put in place.  We updated the old chandelier that was in this room by painting it with Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.  I am going to add little shades over each of the lights once I find ones that fit right.

We still have plans to add artwork to that big wall, put board and batten up and add a bright piece of furniture somewhere as well as add our farmhouse table.

And now for a little bit of before and after action.  I didn't use the same camera to take the before and after pictures so they are slightly different but still show the progress.

The biggest difference in the house is still probably the yard but I will need a whole post to show that progress.  Lets just say I am VERY grateful to have such an awesome landscaper as a father-in-law! ;-)