Friday, April 20, 2012

It's that time again

Yep, it is that time again for my monthly update.  I have been wanting to post for awhile but haven't gotten my self to sit down and write up a post till now.  Mark is out of town for business and Eli is already in bed, so I have some ME time!!

There are a couple of items I have been wanting to this may be kind of random but oh well.  Here you go...

 Eli loves playing this game where he chases the kitty.  It is pretty funny to watch but I never seem to be able to capture it on camera since it happens so fast.  That was until the other day when I was sitting on the floor with Eli and he spotted kitty in the corner...

"Well hello there kitty, let me come and get you"

"Oh that tail is so close!!!!"

"Come back here kitty!!"

"PLEASE, I am begging you!!!"
 Sorry for the blurry pictures taken with the iPhone but like I said it happens so fast and they are both on the MOVE!  haha

Over St. Patrick's day we went up to Suwanee and Dad, Chase, Eli and I all ran in the local Suwanee 5k.  Yes, you saw that right...Eli was included in this adventure.  It was my first 5k pushing Eli and although we got rained on a bit, it was very successful.  Chase ran this 5k in 23 minutes....he does awesome running long distance.

The weather in Georgia has been heating up and we got the opportunity to take Eli to the park for the first time.  He loved the swings!

Eli has become VERY mobile.  He is gone in a flash so I sometimes wish I had a leash connected to him at all times...haha.  He is even getting the hang of being on his two feet and I see walking on the horizon.  The two videos below are of his latest walking attempts.  (Be warned these videos may not be entertaining if you are not a grandma or grandpa of Eli...haha)

**UPDATE**  Please disregard the messiness of the shelf Eli is playing next used to be well organized and cute but then a little booger got to it and destroyed everything.  I think the shelf is actually going to have to be taken down as I am afraid Eli is going to pull it down on himself.  Also...yes I do have the habit of calling my child like a dog...but it is a hard habit to break when it works!!